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Social Issues and Action Coordinator 

Mrs Christine Jensen

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Each of the 23 Anglican Dioceses in Australia seem to focus on issues relevant in their own area but not necessarily of the same relevance in other places — issues in a large Diocese with Capital Cities will be different to the issues in smaller country based areas.

MU members each have the responsibility for social issues and action in their own area, but we also are aware of the issues being pursued elsewhere within the general community and within other Dioceses and MU Branches.

Political institutions and decision-making bodies listen to grass-roots groups with direct experience of the issues. For MU Australia to be a relevant political force and to represent the concerns of its members and their communities, more engagement with and participation in these institutions and bodies is needed.

MU Australia encourages all of its members to take an active interest in social issues, and believes that we all have a role to play in our communities.

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Prayers for the elimination of violence against women.

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