Diocese of Wangaratta

The Diocese of Wangaratta occupies the north-east of the state of Victoria and the Albury district of NSW and has an area of 40,867 square kilometres.

It is a rural diocese with several large rural cities, where tourism and agriculture are very important aspects of our community. We are close to the snow fields, large water storages which provide opportunities for fishing and water sports. It is very picturesque as much of the country is undulating or mountainous. There is a large variety of farming carried out, and a large area devoted to wine production with beautiful vineyards- it is an area of scenic beauty and fertile plains.

MU was started in the diocese in 1935, and there are now have 15 branches, 4 Caritas groups, and 2 Anna groups. There are 16 Lone members who live in parishes where there is no active branch. Some of our branches are small, but are very valued just the same.

For many years MU sponsored and organized a Silent Retreat which has now grown into an official event of the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.

The Adopt-a –Theolog program

  • Each year, MU sponsors diocesan theological students with a financial grant to Deacons to help towards books or vestments.

‘Refugee Day’

  • Held in the Albury Botanical Gardens was organized by Jindera Caritas. It was a day of celebration and interaction between different cultures that may begin new relationships.

Branches and Groups are active and are involved in a large variety of interesting activities:

  • Members are encouraged to have an active prayer life
  • Prayer Circles which can be activated by any member for family or friend
  • Support their Parish Priest by doing Baptism follow ups, providing Baptism kits for the parish, attending pre-baptism seminars, and attending the actual baptism
  • Visit the sick in hospital offering prayer support and encouragement
  • Involved in activities for children in their parishes such as - Toddler service, pram service (teddy bears picnic) children’s church, and support youth activities
  • Support the elderly in their community by opportunities for them to come together over a meal for fellowship
  • Members knit and distribute Trauma Teddies to Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Funeral Directors


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