Diocese of Tasmania

Welcome to MU in Tasmania, Australia’s most compact State and Diocese, it is an island of great diversity and those who live in Tasmania are enthusiastic about our home; from the wilderness of the South West to the rich farming areas of the North West Coast, from the mining in the West to the ecologically sound hydro-electric scheme of the Central Highlands, to the fishing ports in the East.

Tasmania is a great place and our members are always willing to welcome visitors.

MU AUSTRALIA... its beginnings in Tasmania

Tasmania is a compact diocese (with a population of only about 500,000). This enables members to meet together without the ‘tyranny of distance’ suffered
by members in other dioceses as we pray, work and enjoy fellowship together.

  • Making scrapbooks for Nursing Homes. St Mark’s Bellerive in the South have made over 130 books, taking them to every Nursing home in the South of the State.
  • Fiddle rugs for Nursing Homes.
  • Toiletries and gifts have been provided for the prisoners, and those in remand.
  • Members are still very enthusiastic with taking bootees, matinee jackets, bonnets and mittens to the Hospitals for new Mothers. Several times the recipient has been a young mother who had nothing to dress the baby in to take home from hospital, so have been very gratefully received.

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