Diocese of Willochra

The Diocese of Willochra is an enormous Diocese, covering over 90% of South Australia, with considerable distances between each centre of population. There are about 80 little congregations spread throughout the Rural North and West of South Australia.

It was formed in 1915 and by that time a number of MU branches were already established: 1911 Balaklava; 1896 Port Pirie; 1961 Maitland.

MU is alive and well in the Diocese of Willochra.

MU in Willochra is a diverse group of people, scattered across a wide area of South Australia with many and varied local interests. They continue to be a ‘little tribe with a big vision’.

Adapting well to Change.

  • The existing members are ageing and don’t like travelling, and younger people have other things to do. The current membership is down to 130 and our lone members almost exceed current membership!
  • What doom and gloom, you might say – but it must be stressed that those members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable about MU and very much prepared to assist their church, their community and MU Australia.

‘How to Day’

  • Commenced in 2011.
  • First one held more centrally at Clare in the mid-north where communication and a sense of community was the MU focus.
  • In April, a second ‘How to Day was organised ‘further up the track’.
  • Third is being arranged to take place in June 2012 on Yorke Peninsula.

Again with the knowledge that distance and the cost of travel restrict many members from attending functions, they have shifted their ‘home’ from Melrose to the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul at Port Pirie which is quite central to all branches in the diocese. Here they hold their Lady Day service and Annual Council Meeting.

Their theme of “communication creates community” was chosen with the aim that they would move out of their small groups into the community and this has been successful in most branches.

Outreach Activities

  • the High School breakfast club
  • support for women’s refuges at Riverton and Auburn
  • the provision of towels and blankets for student camps at Pt Pirie
  • ‘all sorts’ church on the Copper Coast, Yorke Peninsula; Mission to Seafarers, Southern Yorke Peninsula
  • rugs for nursing homes at Balaklava and so on
  • Have available for sale, adult and children’s books and prayer and spiritual publications. These include baptismal kits, wedding kits and promotional material
  • Communication at all levels is vital for MU in our diocese and in our branches to continue to be vibrant and viable. By focusing on our diversity we bring together an exciting range of activities, thoughts and skills.


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