Diocese of The Murray

This Diocese of 52,426 sq. km. is bounded in the North by the Murray River, and extends westward into the Capital City of Adelaide, and to the southeast corner of the State and the Southern Ocean.

It covers the South East region of South Australia, the Fleurieu Peninsula, Riverland, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands and the southern suburbs of Adelaide and includes 22 Parishes or Pastoral Districts. It takes its name from the Murray River, Australia's most important River, which flows through the Diocese before reaching the sea.

Industries include sheep and cattle husbandry; extensive vineyards; fruit growing; timber; and fishing.

With an 80% rural content, the Diocese is faced with the social and family challenges produced by ongoing economic changes. The other 20% of the Diocese faces similar challenges created by the rapidly expanding suburban sprawl where many light industries are found.

This Diocese has a strong MU involvement. MU continues to provide opportunity for prayer, friendship and fellowship across the vast area of the Diocese with branches in 12 parishes and 204 financial members. Members have to travel long distances to attend meetings, sometimes in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees centigrade.

Away-from-it-All holiday Programme

  • Is used to assist needy families to go on holidays.

Parenting Encouragement Program

  • Continues under the expert supervision of Liz Hampel with the help of her husband and branch members. Our hope is that direct support to parents in the community bears long term benefits for family stability.



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