Diocese of Sydney

Sydney diocese extends as far as Lithgow in the west and the Hawkesbury River in the north, and it includes much of the New South Wales south coast. It encompasses Australia's largest city as well as the city of Wollongong.


In MU Sydney we

  • produce an MU Sydney prayer diary quarterly so our members can pray specifically
  • Shop presence in the centre of the Sydney CBD, supplying Christian cards and books, babywear and gifts
  • produce Annual Bible Studies to be used by our Branches and others
  • host Annual Seminars to promote the advantages of traditional families and their benefit to children
  • train facilitators and provide an AMUA Parenting Program, Families Equip, written specifically for Australian families
  • provide one-off seminars in parishes on family and parenting issues and concerns
  • support Family Ministry at parish level with the funding of Family Workers in the parishes of Canterbury, Kingsford and Park Rail
  • support Chaplains in children’s hospitals and women’s detention centres
  • visit maternity hospitals and distribute gospels and gifts to families
  • produce nightdresses for the neo-natal wards and grieving gowns for families whose babies die in hospital

Family Workers

MU Sydney currently supports Family Workers in three local parishes. These MU Workers are involved in contacting young families and linking them into parish playgroups, Christianity Explained courses, other parish child and family outreach programs, and supporting families in need. The Workers are paid for ten hours per week and the finances are supplied by donations from our MU members.

Area Days

Run Area Days for Branch members and their friends in 7 Mission Areas throughout the diocese.

2019 Area Days topics are – Bible talk on Consider it Pure Joy: Walking in Hope followed by a workshop on MULOA.

2018 – Topic: Contentment

2017 – Topic: Forgiveness

Annual Seminars

  • 2019: Between a Rock and a Hard Place – trusting God when life doesn’t make sense
    3 sessions - St Andrew’s Cathedral, Blue Mountains and Wollongong

Audio of talks on MU Sydney website https://www.musydney.org.au/2019-seminar/

Psychologist Kirsty Bucknell spoke on Resilience in Family Life

Author Simon Boswell spoke on Growing Up Online: Cyber Challenges Today

  • 2018: I Fear, I Feel, I Hope – living for God in a stress filled world
    2 sessions - St Andrew’s Cathedral and Wollongong

Audio of talks on MU Sydney website https://www.musydney.org.au/2018-seminar/

Dean Kanishka Raffell gave a Bible Talk on Contentment

Founder of The Family Systems Institute Australia and Author Dr Jenny Brown spoke on Stress in a Groaning World and Families and Stress

  • 2017: Fractured Families – understanding the issues
    Rob and Claire Smith spoke on Someone I love is gay: what would Jesus have me do?

Dominic Steel, Melinda Hunt and Michael Sheedy spoke on Divorce/Divorce Care

  • 2016: Love in a Big City – today marriage is facing many challenges, what does the Bible say; How do we recognise and deal with Domestic Violence and conflict in marriage; What is our response as Christians?
    Bible Talk: Michael Jensen

Speakers: Sarah Condie, Kate Bradford, Kara Hartley

  • 2015: Kids’ Stuff Happens – seeking the best for our children

Dr Julie Greenhalgh spoke on the value and contribution of parents in school education and Kate Pearse spoke on Brain Development in children and the effects on their behaviour at different ages.

  • 2014: Stuff Happens - when things don’t go as you planned

Professor Alan Hayes spoke about the effects of family problems on the lives and outcomes of children and how these effects can be reduced and even prevented.

  • 2013: For Kids' Sake - Marriage and Family Really Matter Seminar

       Professor Patrick Parkinson spoke of the pressures and influences on children in our society.

  • 2012: 1 to 1 in Action

               Over 160 people were trained to read the Bible one to one with a friend.

  • 2011: Leading Groups in the 21st Century

               Leadership training for people in today’s society.


Upgrading of accommodation and facilities at the Mothers’ Union Hostel in Musoma in the Diocese of Mara, Tanzania. This upgrade is to ensure the safety and comfort of girls and women who stay in the hostel while undertaking courses. More information and donations to the project at https://www.musydney.org.au/mumara/

Providing Sewing Machines for girls at the Tailoring Centre in Musoma, Diocese of Mara, Tanzania where girls as young as 14 are trained by local MU Members so they can earn a living and avoid early marriage.

Providing an Egg a Day to children in pre-schools run by the Diocese of Shyira in Northern Rwanda where rates of chronic child malnutrition are extremely high. Not only does this address the health problem but their families are provided employment by running poultry farms to provide the eggs locally.

Help communities break free from dependency and self-solve issues such as poverty – either financial or educational.

  • Ethiopia Child Survival Project (2014-2015)
    In partnership with the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid, MU Sydney is supporting health and sanitation training of women in Gambella, Ethiopia. The program is delivered by Mothers’ Union members in Gambella.
  • Bibles for Students at Nungalinya College NT (2013)
    During 2013, members donated money to provide large print Bibles for students at Nungalinya College.

Shop Address

  • Street: Shop 39, Town Hall Arcade, Sydney Square, 464 Kent Street
  • Postcode: 2000
  • City: Sydney
  • State: NSW

Shop Contact Details

  • Telephone: 02 8030 8970
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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