Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn

The Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn is a rich and diverse diocese covering rural, regional and city areas.

It includes all of the Australian Capital Territory and the south-eastern corner of NSW, including the South Coast and the Snowy Mountains extending as far as Wagga Wagga in the west and Marulan in the north.

Mothers Union Wave of Prayer Partners (13th-15th April)

  • Yirol, South Sedan
  • Ruvuma, Tanzania
  • Nike and Benin, Nigeria
  • Dogurta, Papua New Guinea
  • Canberra Goulburn

Although small in numbers, members in Canberra Goulburn branch of Anglican Mothers Union Australia are active in their community.  The Diocese covers a large area from Australia’s capital and its suburbs, to country areas of Goulburn.

Lady Day in March is celebrated as is Mary Sumner Day in August.

An overseas fellowship day and lunch is held in July to raise funds for overseas projects.

Members believe that God has a future for MU in this diocese and they continue to pray and trust in his timing to revitalise their branches.

‘Trusting in God does not mean we do nothing. Action does not mean we don’t trust in God. We need both – trust in God and to get on with his work.’   (Reg Bailey, former CEO of Mothers Union worldwide)


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