Promotion & Development Department

Denise Lay


Promotion & Development Coordinator

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“Sharing Christ's love by encouraging, strengthening, and supporting marriage and family life." is our Mission Statement, which is applied to all MU activities Australia wide.

Promotion and Development is not solely an area working on its own but rather an area that encompasses all other aspects in the life of MU Australia, so look beyond this page to explore exciting and innovative ideas and inspiration that may encourage and assist you.

MU Australia’s range and depth of work far exceeds our founder, Mary Sumner's, original vision of a circle of prayer upholding family life.

Prayer continues to be at the heart of the witness of members, men and women who continue to serve their local community through prayer and through projects developed to meet local needs and bring lasting solutions. They promote family life through parenting group work, marriage support and advocating for family-supportive policies whilst at the same time upholding families affected by poverty, homelessness, imprisonment, relationship break-down and prison sentences.

MU Australia is part of the worldwide Mothers' Union, an international Christian organisation that seeks to support families worldwide.

In 81 countries, over 4 million Mothers' Union members share the vision to bring about a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.

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