Lent / Lenten Calendar - Count your Blessings 2015

Give thanks for all the good things in life by
counting the Blessings God has given you.

Count your blessings Lenten Calendar 2015 pdf

Count your blessings Lenten calendar 2015 Word doc...this file enables you to edit if necessary to suit your local needs

Count your Blessings - A discipline for Lent (Bathurst Diocese)

Count your Blessings for Lent  (courtesy of the Bathurst Diocese)

Stations of the Cross

A visual meditation throughout Lent

Holy Week and Easter Reflections

Towards the Goal - A Reflection on Easter (Wendy Mayer)

Lenten Reflection (Elizabeth Appleby)

Lent is a gift.

Faith in Family...Lent Resource

Lent: Create in Me (Rupp)

Easter Devotions (Wendy Mayer) 2013


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