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Mothers' Union 140th Anniversary Service & Sermons at Winchester Cathedral 22-9-2016

On 22nd September 2016, two services were held in Winchester Cathedral to commemmorate 140 years of the Mothers' Union.

The Bishop at Lambeth the Rt Rev'd Nigel Stock preached at the morning service and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby's preached at the afternoon service.

Help us grow - Mothers' Union ... You Tube

Karen Mothers' Union along the Thai Burma Border

A Short History by Naw Tamla Moo

Mothers' Union - Making an Impact.wmv YouTube

The Mothers' Union in Burundi is helping to transform lives through a variety of programmes with which it is engaged


Mothers' Union in South Africa...Edith Thiba. YouTube

Edith Thiba is a member in South Africa. She speaks about her involvement in Mothers' Union and how being a member means that she is part of a worldwide communion of people who serve God in their communities

Counting Blessings - Literacy & Development Programme YouTube

Since 2000, Mothers' Union's Literacy & Development Programme has helped almost 74,000 people become numerate and literate, and has also helped transform lives across Malawi, Burundi and Sudan.


"Bringing our gifts to 20/20 vision"

Acronym of Mothers' Union

KAMB...Thumbnail Sketches of Inspirational Karen MU members (Thailand)

KAMB...Karen Anglican Ministry at the Border...read about these inspirational women.

Mozambique MU find solutions within themselves


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