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History of the Diocesan President’s badge

History of the Diocesan President’s badge

The idea for a Diocesan President’s badge came in 1992.
Diocesan President, Joyce, and Diocesan Secretary, Ethel, attended the Australian MU Conference held at Monash Uni in Oct. 1992. Most of Diocesan Presidents wore a badge in honour of their position, but not Gippsland. The vision for our own President to be so recognised and valued became a project to be worked towards.

The Diocese had, in our possession, an MU badge given to us by Mrs. Edith Littleton, one of our Life Members at that time!

This badge was not in any way special, other than it had been Edith's own badge! Joyce and Ethel had been wondering how to use it in some special way to acknowledge the character of the donor.

So the thought of using Edith's badge as a basis for our President’s Badge was born.
Jewellers were approached, with the request for a design and cost for producing the badge, incorporating the one we had.

Each Diocesan MU Branch contributed to the cost, so have an ownership of the President’s badge. It belongs to All MU members.

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