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Thought for the Week from AMUA (19th - 25th November 2017)


Sydney Carter’s ‘Lord of the Dance’ has remained a favourite for congregational singing. Discipleship is like a dance. As disciples/dancers we move to a routine. There is the routine of our communal Sunday worship, Mothers’ Union meetings, family gatherings. Each one has its own ‘step’ which we learn and knowing it, we follow or lead. Sometimes it’s a ‘quickstep’ and we get puffed out or left out completely, sometimes we get our toes trodden on or take a tumble. The most important step to remember is the Lord’s ‘step’- Love God and your neighbour as yourself.

  Jesus said to them all, ‘If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me’. Luke 9:23

 The people of Iraq have a sad, slow movement in their discipleship/dance with decades of conflict and daily terrorism. Yet even in the ashes of their country the Anglican presence in Baghdad continues to thrive. Mothers’ Union helps displaced families and poor families as well as orphans and widows. What a wonderful dance they perform when daily spiritual meetings are attended by 100 women, who then learn the dance of prayer and bible reading. ‘I am the dance and I still go on’

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