The Mothers' Union Tartan


  • Rosalind Jones

Symbolism of The Mothers' Union Tartan

  • The Mothers' Union tartan is characterised by the blue and yellow colours of the Mothers Union.
  • A blue cross outlined in yellow and with a fine yellow cross within it lies at the centre of the sett. This symbolizes the unifying Christian faith that is the spiritual heart of The Mothers Union.
  • Outside the cross are pale and dark green symbolizing vegetation zones of the different global environments of the world-wide members of the Mothers Union.
  • Beyond the greens, brown and black bands represent the ethnicity of the different members.
  • On the outside of the sett the blue and yellow colours of the Mothers Union encompass all the colours within in it, symbolizing the fellowship that holds all members to be equal and the bond of friendship and common beliefs that unite them.

The MU scarf

  • 140cm long x30 cm wide
  • 2.5cm fringe on each end.

Where to buy the scarf? (as from October 2013)


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